Double Exposure

First off, in case you were wondering, today’s entry is pretty much a transparent excuse to run a picture of everyone’s favorite bikini videogamer, Kristin Sloan, competitor #017 in the LVHRD Foundation underwear-only arcade game tournament I wrote about yesterday. There’s something gently impossible about the image, as if a blinking “This Never Happens” sign were about to appear and remonstrate the gullible. Years of experience suggest, after all, that this is simply not the sort of girl who plays video games. Let alone in that outfit. And yet, like a burning bush, there she is.

Surely it is a sign of the apocalypse.

Happy to report a couple of Pepper sightings today:

  • The Happy Corp., partner sponsor and perhaps owner of the LVHRD poobah executive level, quotes us a bit on the skivvies splendor of Monday night: I love it that they refer to me as a Member, which is perfectly true and I’m happy to be one, but it’s a bit hilarious in context. Their photos of the event should be rocking.
  • The web site for public radio’s Marketplace show snatched up a bit of a bluegrass picture I shot in Freddy’s Back Room in April, featuring one side of banjo-man-around-town Andrew Cartoun at a show with Carrie Rodriguez and the Michael Daves Bluegrass Mob. I sometimes listen to Marketplace and may even have heard their story on Merlefest and its economic impact on some communities; happy to supply the visuals, one way or another. Even if it is for radio. This is especially cool because my Flickr-friend Emdot just had a picture of hers placed with the same program a few weeks ago, so now we get to point and giggle together. And that simply does not suck.

I look at that last paragraph and I see link-link-link-link-linkety-link-link. Oh well. You know what to do.

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4 Responses to Double Exposure

  1. deano says:

    My favorite gamer: Miyuki Jane. Check out her game girl advance site. She’s also the guitarist in Dealership. Some people are so…busy.

  2. Harvey says:

    That’s GOTTA be photoshopped! :-)

  3. Linus says:

    Even better, Harvey: I’ve figured out who she is, and she’s a ballet dancer. Even Photoshop can’t pull that off. Check out the Flickr photo set (safe-ish for work), there are a few more Sloan shots in there.

  4. Harvey says:

    WHERE were these women in 1984 when I needed them? :-/

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