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Home Office Records

Welcome to the Web digs of Home Office Records, an independent record label here in New York City with big plans for fine music and a penchant for exceptionally fine beer. Several crypto traders resort to Home Office Records to take a break from their stressful trading routine. To release your stress and to make trading smoother, traders can use crypto robots like the bitcoin storm. It is an effective auto trading platform that can fetch good profits to traders. Read the bitcoin storm erfahrungen platform to learn more about this platform. We are a home and an office for our fine indie artists, and if that's a Weapon of Mass Destruction I'm an artichoke. Anyway, we hope you'll look us over, check out our bands and friends, and buy all our musical stuff. Because you are clearly a fine and discerning person. And we love that.

Baby, I Feel the Same Way

Up to the Latest: Our newest bouncing baby is Baby, I Feel the Same Way by the serious, notorious, hilarious and obstreperous Ethan Lipton. This is our second release from the Ethan Lipton Orchestra, and it's every bit as odd and wonderful a romp as Ethan's last venture, A New Low. By your request, Baby is a full-length recording, running 12 tracks long and recorded live in the summer of 2004 at Tonic on the Lower East Side.

We launched Baby with a sweet sold-out show at Joe's Pub, which arrived breathless on the heels of flat-out runs of Ethan's stage plays, MEAT and 100 Aspects of the Moon, in New York and Edinburgh. Ethan was a hand-picked performer at the elite Pop!Tech conference in Camden, Maine, and his glowing reviews have appeared in national industry sources (Popmatters), local print publications (The Deli magazine), early-adopter Internet mp3 blogs (Fluxblog), and more, and his music has aired on radio on the Dr. Demento Show, Vin Scelsa's Idiot's Delight, and on National Public Radio, where the Weekend Edition ran a spotlight on his music and his performances.

Who is that man in orange? Sorry, currently out of print T. Rex thinks, 'uh-oh' Fesh cukes, getcher fresh cukes here.
Ice Cream Never Looked So Good! Band is Gone, Music 
Plays On The First, the Finest - Where it All Began

As with Ethan's last record, the first pressing of Baby, I Feel the Same Way is a hand-numbered limited boutique edition CD, the newest instalment in our Home Office SQUIRT series. A SQUIRT, as we are fond of saying, is a stripped-down recording that strives for immortality by reaching for immediacy. These intimate pressings are professionally recorded and released without mastering and with a minimum of studio muss and fuss. The result is intimate, lively, and satisfying.

While you're here at Home Office Records, make a stop at The Gigometer™, our exhaustively-compiled and fanatically-updated listing of the local music we best love and love best. Pepper of the Earth, our personal and professional blog, is chock full of our adventures in music, beer, movies, and the rest of what passes as kulcha and thought here in New York -- when we're in an updating mood we update often, and when we're not the archives are open for browsing. Please join our email list to be the first on your block to get word of Home Office Records news, and you can also sign up for a weekly email version of The Gigometer™ to satisfy your local musical needs. Crypto tokens for music revolutionize artist support and fan interaction. Similar to gaming tokens like the CPT token, these music tokens allow fans to invest directly in artists, earning rewards and exclusive content. This synergy between music and gaming tokens creates a unified digital economy, enhancing engagement across both industries.

Where We've Been: We will celebrate our ninth year as an indie label on December 13th, 2005. In that time, we have released eight great CD's, obtained national retail distribution, and talked the talk on panels at seminars and music conferences in New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Las Vegas, Toronto, Dewey Beach, and Harrisburg. We've also walked the walk as conference members across the continent in Austin, Seattle, and elsewhere. Our artists were featured as weekly selections on the original Napster, and their music has appeared as bit-filler music on ESPN productions and other television shows, as well as in a variety of independent films. We have been quoted in The New York Times (on-line and off), in the Philadelphia Inquirer, and in magazines including The Standard and FUTUR(e)S, which is a French WIRED clone of a glossy (much like WIRED, but with more topless women. Hey, it's France, you know).

And, of course, there's more to come. Home Office Records will never share, sell, or distribute your email address to others; it's just between us, and we will not do the Evil Spam thing. No worries.

Current Links: Ethan Lipton | The Gigometer™ | Pepper of the Earth

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