Another Reason to Read the Times

And I Thought of You Across the Water, and was Surprised by the Force of It

Trotting out of the subway this morning - the escalator is down, and I take the stairs at pace - I swerve around a guy giving out free copies of the Post. He’s dressed like a futuristic urban urchin from the good old days of Metal Hurlant, his face jutting out from under a series of wraps against the cold, the sun, the passing city grit. He’s not wearing mole-man slit sunglasses, but I wish he was.

Newspaper Guy: Free Post! Free Post! I get up tis mornin an tank Jesus for wakin me up so I can give you tis free newspaper! Free Post! Free Post!

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The man behind the curtain. But couldn't we get a nicer curtain?
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2 Responses to Another Reason to Read the Times

  1. John says:

    I love this picture, Linus.

  2. Linus says:

    Thanks, John. I’m glad you found the blog - I haven’t been pushing it much (we need to redo the layout, which reverted back to defaults in the years since I used it last).

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