Thin but Trim, and Not Particularly Fat

Color Me KeiraIt’s my theory that Keira Knightley was put here on the Prime Material Plane to be properly appreciated, ideally by me. (Remind me later to explain why you stop existing when I take a nap: all of a piece, you see.) This kind of thinking often qualifies as “stalking,” but given the season I prefer to call it “being of good cheer.” It’s so much less messy that way.

A couple of weeks ago, then, it was perfectly natural to find me dandling through Keira’s bio at the All Movie Guide. Water runs down the hill, planets whip around the sun, money flows outward and pools in the East Village; and Linus reads Keira Knightley’s online bio every now and then. All as it should be.

I know not all writing is meant to spin the hours into dreams. Sometimes it’s just the fax, ma’am, and then you’re free to go. But can there ever be an excuse for the following as the start of a topic sentence?

“A slender but lean brunette beauty…”

As opposed to all those slender but tubby types you’ll see bulling through the streets of London. Someone needs a new publicist, I’m thinkin’.

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4 Responses to Thin but Trim, and Not Particularly Fat

  1. jess says:

    I want to force-feed her cheesecake.

  2. Daniella says:

    hee hee… I was thinking that I want force feed her a big greasy roast beef po-boy and a chocolate malt.

    Actually, now I’m thinking that’s what I want…

  3. Linus says:

    Now how am I supposed to sit here at this desk and get any work done, with images of blogstresses slathering Keira Knightley with cheesecake and roast beef dancing about like, uh … yeah, like sugarplums, Yer Honor. That’s what it was, the sugarplums.

    You can’t get arrested for just thinking about that, can you?

  4. Nicole says:

    lol, I’m doing a report on her right now for school (I posted it on my website, check it out and leave a comment. It’s pretty much the coolest report eva!) and have you seen the pictures she did for Vanity fair?! She’s size -300 it drives me insane. Gosh, now I want cheesecake.
    she makes up for her skinniness with her incredible cheekbones. oh, i’m not a lesbian, I just wish I was her. lol, just to clarify.
    check out my website, you keira lovers!

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