Can’t Make This Shit Up Dept.

or, Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes?

Le Figaro reports that a French procureur, or district attorney, for the city of Bayonne is accused of using a stolen credit card from a female German colleague to pay for “feminine services” at a “pleasure spot” in Celle, Lower-Saxony.

They were in Celle to participate in the 5th Conference of Attorneys General organized by the Council of Europe. His specialty: Courtroom Ethics and Prosecutors’ Code of Conduct.

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2 Responses to Can’t Make This Shit Up Dept.

  1. Linus says:

    So “procurer” means “District Attorney” in French, eh? Really, it explains so much, if you think about it.

    By Ethics and Code of Conduct I presume they mean he tips well?

  2. Pierre says:

    Yep. And “procuration” means “power of attorney.”

    As far as tipping goes, I understand that he did not, because he was dissatisfied with the services rendered -or not rendered- at which point someone noticed that he was not the Frau of the credit card.

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