Blame the Computer!

Following Derek Sivers’s recent mention, I just bought “Advanced PHP Programming” at Amazon. You know the “recommendations” they make after you check out, based upon the subject matter and whatever other arcane electron waving? This is what they came up with this time:

PHP and MySQL Web Development, Second Edition
by Luke Welling (Author), Laura Thomson (Author)

Eric Meyer on CSS
by Eric A. Meyer (Author)

PHP Cookbook
by Adam Trachtenberg (Author), David Sklar (Author)

High Performance MySQL
by Jeremy D. Zawodny (Author), Derek J. Balling (Author)

William S. Burroughs - Commissioner of Sewers
DVD ~ William S. Burroughs

MySQL, CSS, more PHP, sure, that’s obvious. But William S. Burroughs? On DVD? Sure, there is a tenuous computing connection, but still…

Unless the computer misread “Sewers” as “Servers”?

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4 Responses to Blame the Computer!

  1. Guinness says:

    Standards compliant narcotics use.

  2. Pierre says:

    Hmm. Perhaps they misread PHP as PCP…

  3. Linus says:

    Perhaps they misread software as The Soft Machine

  4. Jelena says:

    Hm… They probably misread on purpose.
    A search engine is very likely too much “tolerant”.
    One of ten will buy some of their recommendations even though the subject is not related to their first choice.

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