Gotcher Fresh Monday Here

Monday Again

There isn’t coffee enough in the known world for this kind of day. Which starts with me gazing out the window at the pattering rain, the ceaseless placid can’t-be-argued rain, the gray skies, the peaceful lap of city showers.

On the radio a forecast of rain continuing through the day, news of flooding in the Southwest. A calm and almost stately morning, and I have the sense that there’s a simple thought lurking just out of reach, wanting attention. If I don’t chase it, I figure, it will come to me on its own.

your. umbrella.

your. umbrella.
is. at. the. office.

2 Responses to “Gotcher Fresh Monday Here”

  1. Harvey Says:

    You only own ONE umbrella? :-)

  2. Linus Says:

    Hey Harvey. I own three or four umbrellas, actually, which I guess is like a lot of people. As I discovered, being able to find an umbrella on a rainy Monday morning is not quite the same as owning one. Of the possible and potential umbrellas, I only knew for sure where one of them was.

    But hey, I was more or less dry by noon.

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