It’s Astounding

Lately I’ve been churning up the textwaves with The Communist Conspiracy, who isn’t from these parts but probably should be. (She’s not actually either a communist or a conspirator, really, which is why I’ll call her that.) Sometimes — all right, often — we discuss how the days of the week have certain clear characteristics, one of which is that they are mostly Mondays in one guise or another.

Along the way, we make an important discovery.

Linus (on a Wednesday): Hey, it’s Monday again. How did that happen?
The Communist Conspiracy: You are obviously stuck in a time warp.
Linus: I can’t imagine why. Though I guess I did make a jump to the left. And then a step to the right. Were my hands on my hips? They might have been.

Note to self: no more jumping to the left before coffee. One Monday a week is plenty.

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2 Responses to It’s Astounding

  1. Harvey says:

    It’s frightening to be so in sync.

    As soon as I read the post title, “Time Warp” started playing in my head.

    I was relieved to see that was the point. Otherwise this comment would’ve been WAY off topic :-)

  2. Linus says:

    Heh. Exactly the desired effect. Good to see you still dropping in, Harvey - thanks.

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