Taking Snow for an Answer

Snow on the Customs House
Windows on the Winter
The Little Red Rooftops and the Great White Storm

As near as I can figure it, today’s snowstorm snuck by the gatekeepers in the guise of a little late-winter “snow mixed with rain,” then tossed off its innocent rags and rampaged through the afternoon as a lash of “freezing cold icy snow right in your face you sucka muahaha.” Temps obligingly shot down into the 20′s (windchill right now is 7° above), and tonight is a black ice night. The radio weather just now announced that wind is “howling” through the City. They’re not wrong.

My Day Job office is across the street from the Cass Gilbert U.S. Customs House building, pictured above, and from the coddled indoor bird’s-eye safety of the 10th floor we watched the snow pelt down outside. Last week I took night snowstorm and morning aftermath photos of what we thought would be the last icy roar of the season. I’ll post a few those soon, if I can.

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2 Responses to Taking Snow for an Answer

  1. Michelle says:

    Wait back track - you have a day job?

  2. Linus says:

    Yes, remember? Come out of your office, turn left, and I’m the second cubicle on your right. Mind you, you people cut into my blogging hours big time now and then.

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