Science Fiction Double Feature

That’s double feature times plenty, in fact. It’s that time of year, which means tomorrow morning I head blueward for the 30th annual Boston Science Fiction Film Festival, once better known as the 24-Hour Science Fiction Film Marathon (but they had to change the name because people kept asking “Wait, I don’t get it … where do you guys run to?”).

My first was SF/7, give or take, back at the old Orson Welles theatre, when Kathy and I did the 12-hour Night Flight novice run back in 1982 (in only 12 parsecs, surely). I remember precisely nothing about it, except that she and I were still speaking at the time. I’ve been to most of them since then, which means — I’m working from the law of averages here, you understand — that I must be old and fat, and have either a pocket protector or a slide rule and know how to use it.

These gatherings are great bizarre fun. I’ve seen nine of this year’s 13 main features before, but some — Superman, for example, and by gum I hope Planet of the Apes is the 1968 original and not that dreadful remake — are welcome blasts from the past. I haven’t seen THX 1138 since I was an eager 10-year-old kid, and I can’t wait to see it again.

Speaking of which, move quick and you can see the new trailer for Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy on Amazon: it may only be for today, who knows. See you on the other side of the weekend. And watch out for that Dark Side stuff. I know it looks like fun but the more you muck around with it the worse the movies get. And someone has to clean up the mess in the end.

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3 Responses to Science Fiction Double Feature

  1. brykmantra says:

    You said, “I hope Planet of the Apes is the 1968 original and not that dreadful remake.”

    WHICH dreadful remake — there were like five!

    I saw a HGotG preview with a DVD, with it was NOTHING — just an extended shot from space of the Earth, while Louis Armstrong’s “Wonderful World” played, and then the Earth exploded. Absolutely nothing new about the movie for people who know anything at all about the story. Let me know if this preview is better …

    (PS: Did you know that Alan Rickman is the voice of Marvin the Paranoid Android? Ha!)

  2. brykmantra says:

    Oops, wait, my bad — I was thinking SEQUEL, you were talking about Tim Burton’s piece of crap …


    Disregard …

  3. Linus says:

    No worries on the Planet of the Apes thing — you’re right, I meant remake and not sequel. As far as the trailer, YES, this is TOTALLY DIFFERENT and very much worth watching. Looks like fun!

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