The Pretty Girl is Not a Mystery

To answer the question, that’s Marisa Tomei‘s picture there in yesterday’s entry - hover your mouse over the photo and you should see a caption spring to life, in most browsers.

While I don’t actually discuss Marisa Tomei in the body of the post (there is a relevant link, if you poke around), I was on my way there originally. Pulled off the Blog Highway for a rest stop, got distracted by the local tourist attractions, and never made it back to the major artery. When time came to publish I needed to face facts: nothing in life has prepared me to remove Marisa Tomei’s picture from anyplace. So I left it in. Inshe cute?

You may now return to your regularly-scheduled Tuesday. Last one out please turn off the snow.

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2 Responses to The Pretty Girl is Not a Mystery

  1. Harvey says:

    Can’t argue with you on this one. That neck just whispers “nibble me” don’ it? :-)

  2. Linus says:

    Happily, I speak Neck.
    It’s a deep tongue.

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