Woodwork Creaks…

Fragment of an alien black helicopter… and out come the freaks. That was true when Was (Not Was) said it in 1981, and it’s true now. If there’s a difference, it’s that the wonders of technology let the loonies move so fast these days.

PZ over at Pharyngula points us today to a spot-the-loony site dedicated to alien debris on Mars and to some sort of unarticulated conspiracy theory that NASA and the government Don’t Want You To Know The Truth. It’s a hoot, and I’m impressed by how fast the “You wack, you just wack” contingent has moved in to claim the ground as its own. I mean, the “machine part” pictured here just screams alien civilization to me. You too?

It’s not almanacs we need to worry about, people, it’s PhotoShop.

Pharyngula is a midwest blog pretty much devoted to the fine points of evolution and defense against the “God made us all and you scientists are the spawn of Hell” people (they still have those in the midwest) (we probably have them here too, but we don’t pay attention to them). It’s densely-drawn and when it gets too technical for me I just look at the pretty pictures. The map of a fruit fly is one of my favorites.

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