Red Rover, Red Rover

Red Desert? NASA JPL PhotoI guess what we take from the new voluble Mars rover is this: when the Spirit is troubled, Opportunity is on the rise.

Opportunity landed on Mars with less fanfare than Spirit had on its bouncedown - little siblings the world over will know all about this. There are plenty of raw images at the NASA Mars Mission Control site, but I’ll wait for Monday’s workaday broadband connection to explore them. Wonders abound around us.

Meanwhile, back on Planet Earth, this Little Ice Age we call “winter” is bringing us a lovely 14° midday, with a net of 4° after wind chill. So whatever it is, if it involves going out there, the answer is “No.” Try again tomorrow. Better yet, ask me in April, maybe I will have changed my mind.

Mars nights? As low as 157° below zero, Fahrenheit. And Netflix doesn’t go there.

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