No Sale

I head in to work last week, on a morning pendling between coming spring and late lashing winter. Outside the escalator at Bowling Green the usual motley scatter of winter merchants hawk the usual motley wares — we know it’s spring for real when the Woolly Hat Table is replaced by the Sunglasses Vendor, but that’s still weeks away.

At the end of the market the Tchotchke Guy is in full commerce mode.

Tchotchke Guy: One dollar! Everything on my table, one dollar! One dollar only!
Tchotchke Guy: One dollar! Ooooooooone dollar! Just a dollar for anything you see!
Inattentive Passing Woman: How much is this?
Tchotchke Guy: … Two dollars.

And people wonder why we have gun control laws.

2 Responses to “No Sale”

  1. Harvey Says:

    Let me guess… she ended up paying 3 for it :-)

  2. Linus Says:

    Whoops - Guess I stepped away for a bit…

    I didn’t stick around for the actual transaction - but whatever happened, I figure they deserved each other.

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