The Flatlands

I’m at the office, extracting coffee from the blue light Star Trek Keurig rig. One of the secretaries comes in and starts fussing with the refrigerator. She excavates for a bit, and retrieves a bottle of Pepsi.

Martina: I left this here over the weekend. I bet it’s flat.
Martina: (opening the bottle) It sounds flat. I hate flat soda.
Martina: Guess I should try it. It’s probably flat.
Martina: (tries it) Oh, yuk. It’s flat all right. Ech. Flat as a doorknob.

4 Responses to “The Flatlands”

  1. jamelah Says:

    Isn’t a doorknob inherently not flat? I mean, isn’t that part of a knob’s job description? To be not flat?

  2. Linus Says:

    Jams, That is the question. As Billy Shakespeare once wondered.

  3. Harvey Says:

    Wow… that’s like something Dilbert’s boss would say…

    Meanwhile I’m green with envy over your Caffeinator 2000 :-)

  4. Linus Says:

    Truly, Harvey, I am not crazy about the technological coffee it produces. I miss the old glass pots that sat and simmered all day long, making neutron coffee by late afternoon. The Keurig stuff never tastes quite like coffee to me.

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