One Cyn to Rule Them All

Sweet Child

Tonight the bi-weekly Original Cyn burlesque show meets its 6th anniversary in Park Slope - a long and, um, I was going to write “distinguished” but that’s not really what I mean. Let’s settle for “dead sexy,” and mean it in the best possible way. A long and dead sexy run, then, at the Lucky 13 Saloon, a metal bar with a heart of love-you-man. (The first time I was there, the night’s drink special was some sort of froufrou pomegranate thing, which I had to order just for the pink-of-Goth discord of it.)

Founder and O.Cyn co-producer Miss Mary Cyn is generally found there, on the stage and eventually on the bar. I don’t see her as often as I’d like, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. I’d be there tonight, if I weren’t doing a reading at Bar 82 in the East Village.

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