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X Marks the SpotTomorrow at 1:00 p.m. the City makes the corner of East 2nd Street and Bowery into something special by renaming it Joey Ramone Place. It’s nice when they do something right. Of course, they nearly didn’t.

We have from The Velvet Rope that the City waffled on the name of the street, announcing first that it was going to be Joey Ramone Way instead of Joey Ramone Place, and then going ahead and making (better) Joey Ramone Place signs after all (“Oooh, Baby I Love Your Way Place…”). But why stop with confusion when you can have debacle?

The construction crews crept out late at night and hung the street signs on the wrong intersection - on the handy dandy visual aid here you’ll see the correct intersection marked with a red star, where East 2nd Street meets Bowery. Then, with a dogleg south and west, Bleecker Street begins on the far side of Bowery. One of the main characteristics of the intersection of Bowery and Bleecker is that it does not include East 2nd Street, which is where Joey lived. And that, dearly beloved, is where the City hung the sign.

Quick eyes that cared for Joey spotted the problem and solved it; details on The Rope. Note to Mayor: stick to messing with smokers. And in case someone asks, Joey was the tall one with the glasses, you know?

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