Foibles of the Reconstruction

The Pepper has been upgraded to the latest version of WordPress, and we’ve decided to take that opportunity to start a complete spring cleaning. All those cobwebs, you know…

Right now, we’re back in the default layout, and we’re going to customize things bit by bit, drawing upon the accumulated wisdom of these past two years, so that we don’t paint ourselves into the same logical programming corners as we did before. Instead, we’ll find new corners, fear not!

We do intend to bring back all the old functionality, fix all that broke over the past upgrades, and redo the layout, but in the meantime, things may look funny. If something seems broken, please let us know! Until the contact links are fixed, please send your observations via my feedback page, and try to be as precise as possible!


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One Response to Foibles of the Reconstruction

  1. Harvey says:

    Looks very clean, if a little sparse.

    Simple elegance may be a virtue in and of itself. Something to consider (or not) as your mood turns.

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