Tarts à la Mode

Le Figaro, that gray lady of French bien pensant journalism, is having fun with Jean-Paul Gaultier and his collection haute couture printemps-été 2005.

At least I hope they’re having fun. Check out especially numbers 6, 8, 11, 20, and 21.

Fashion is the crutch of those who lack style.

4 Responses to “Tarts à la Mode”

  1. Linus Says:

    I think #6 is my favorite: the Janet Jackson special. No, on second thought, really it’s #21. Sort of an on-the-fly redefining of oral sex, don’t you think?

    As far as the models, I love the SFX. Some of them look like they should be carrying light-sabers.

  2. Pierre Says:

    #6 was, perhaps not surprisingly, the front-page teaser that they used to illustrate the link to the whole gallery.

    A couple from other collections: this and that. I know which one I would rather see at the deli counter one night…

  3. DarkoV Says:

    #21, when you’ve got nothing to say, let your dress do the talking.

  4. deano Says:

    If that’s a real turtle shell in #18, I’ve got my oil-based paint can opened and ready to fling.

    As I click through, I keep hearing a lyric: “you’d be so uneasy to come home to.”

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