Words of a Feather

Overheard on the way to work this morning:

Guy on cell phone: “No, no. No. That thought never crossed my mind. … That skirt you were wearing, though, that crossed my mind.”

Dan in actionOur Featured Link to Extreme Pumpkins loses its pungency tomorrow, once Halloween is spent. (Thanks to Harvard Lecturer Daniel Rosenberg for sending it in - that’s Dan at left in the accompanying image, breaking a cinder block over a friend sandwiched in a bed of nails at the 2001 Ig Nobel Awards, doubtless furthering the Cause of Science.)

We’re looking for something seasonal to put up in its place, some sort of Thanksgiving thing that might make turkeys quail, and while I was browsing around and waiting for the right page to come along I discovered that a young turkey, of either sex, is called a “poult.” Who knew?

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  1. Murray Suid says:

    For a different take on “Words of a Feather,” perhaps you’ll visit http://www.WordsofaFeather.NET, a website about doublets, word pairs that at first glance seem unrelated, but which are close etymological relatives. Examples include cosmos & cosmetics, husband & bondage, and rectitude & rectum.

    The site offers a fun Words of a Feather game. (I think it’s fun but then, as the author, I’m biased.)

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