Another Happy Hint from the Front

Tip #41: Where possible, do not buy a drink for your friend Renee at the Rooftop Bar in the Hotel Gansevoort, even if it is her birthday celebration. If she really wanted a drink, she wouldn’t be in a place where one (1) insouciantly lame vodka tonic and one (1) glass of champagne run twenty-nine dollars ($29) on your credit card. Remember that bellowing “How much???” in mixed company is generally frowned upon.

Tip #41(a): While kicking yourself later about the twenty-nine-clam beverages, you might as well leave a great big tip for the bartender at d.b.a. — it’s a much better value, and as you reckon at the time, the piggy bank is already broken for the night. This balances your cash karma a bit. Besides, she’s wearing the leather pants with the lace-up front.

3 Responses to “Another Happy Hint from the Front”

  1. Harvey Says:

    … and then there are the times you make me glad I live in Wisconsin :-)

  2. Linus Says:

    Well, the Gansevoort is, um, very pretty. Actually it is. VERY pretty. In that “Look how pretty we are, that will be fifty dollars please” kind of way.

    The indicator light for the elevators is on the floor in front of the elevators, which is kind of cool. Less cool is the video monitor inside the elevator, which busily and authoritatively plays some kind of really crappy screen-saver image.

  3. Harvey Says:

    “Look how pretty we are, that will be fifty dollars please”

    Heh. Now I’m having a Tijuana flashback :-)

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