Anita Pallenberg: All her Things are a Delight Britney of Prey

Birds of a Feather?: I don’t love Britney like some people love Britney, but I do appreciate all the giggles.

Today we bring you an evolutionary case study in Sartomancy, the arcane art of fringe fashion. Pictured above is a legend of pop culture, a difficult nexus of flowering creativity, a crucible of her age, an Explorer who voyaged deep and long in the heart of the Heart, a wastrel wanderer through the shifting fields of the Modern Soul. And, to her right, Britney Spears.

Anita Pallenberg, pictured in fuzz and feathers as The Great Tyrant in Barbarella (1968, Roger Vadim), was involved with three of the Rolling Stones: Brian Jones, Keith Richards, and Mick Jagger. Britney, all buttered up and ready to go in something that fell off some kind of furry bird, was involved with Justin Timberlake and perhaps Fred Durst.

I have written a poem for Britney Spears, though. It’s not complete, but I think even as a work in progress it can stand more or less on its own.

                    2/3 of a Haiku for Britney Spears

                    I love Britney for her mind.
                    OK, not really.

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2 Responses to Needlepoint

  1. PZ Myers says:

    That haiku is perfect as it is. Don’t add a thing.

  2. Moze says:

    That is probably the first and last time I shall ever visit the Britney Spears Website. Oy. Thank you for the opportunity. Her personal letter to the fans is especially “awesome.”

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