Leavin’ on a Jet Plane

We three Pepper principals - Pierre and I, and Silent Seth - are bound for Amsterdam this afternoon. Nudge nudge, wink wink, yes, apparently they consume narcotics in Amsterdam, who knew. Believe it or not, we’re going for the beer, but that’s another story, and we’ll tell it when we’re back.

“Avez vous remarqué que les canaux concentriques d’Amsterdam ressemblent aux cercles de l’enfer?” — Albert Camus, La Chute

There’s bound to be some Net access in the week we’re over there, and blogging from abroad is probably not how we’re going to put it to use. Until the 19th or so you can excavate our 10 archival months in the Word Sandbox for your Pepper of the Earth fix, check out our friendly Colonel Mustard blogroll and Merriment links (five new ones!), or stay away in droves. Your call. There probably won’t be any new writing until then.

In the meantime, here is a listing of some of our Favorite Follies and Blasts from the Past for the fair of heart and faithful, or the comfy and curious. Read them for the first time, or peruse your way down memory’s peppery lane. It’s a generous helping, sample or ignore ‘em at will. Links open in a single new window.

PG-13 Woad House: My parody summary of King Arthur in 15-minute movie style is our top single entry to date, with a thousand or so referrals. That’s equal to a bazillion hits, in Pepper currency.

SXSW 2004 Au Poivre: Our massive daily rundown of the SXSW 2004 Music Conference in Austin is comprehensive coverage, with photo galleries, daily columns, and underdog reviews.

Pretty azza Picture: Pepper photo gallery posts include parade marchers, garish costumes, scary tattoos, and sometimes all three at once.

Pepper of the Earth Dailies: Some classic posts, new and old, culled from among the ranks of many other ones that were also good and are now thereby jealous that they didn’t get picked. Sorry, don’t mind me, I still haven’t packed yet.

Selected Movie Reviews:

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