Oblique and Obliquer

hexagram 41

The Oracle of the Hexagram

Sun (Decrease)

A marsh at the foot of the mountain.
The man restrains his anger
and represses his desires.

Very auspicious.
No mistakes.
You may take any action you wish.
Keep to your course.
What is your course?
Sacrifice two baskets of grain,
even if that is all you have.

The question? Doesn’t much matter when the answer is that delightful. The response was perfectly appropriate, though. For your very own reading, think about a question or dilemma and then visit the I-Ching Oracle at Walking Dead Network. And don’t miss the hilarious Euphemism Generator while you’re there:

  • One thing I could never figure out was how he kept his shoes on while ironing the brass woodchuck.
  • She checked the coast was clear before tainting the groovy yam.
  • Like most guys his age, he wasn’t above nibbling at the screaming christmas tree.

What can I say. It’s Tuesday, it’s raining, there’s a marsh at the foot of the mountain. If you’re looking for inspiration, Ethan Lipton plays tonight at Joe’s Pub in New York, opening for Eleni Mandell, and it should be a spectacular show; come join us.

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