Three Bands for the Elven Kings

Busy busy busy. Since we started doing the Home Office Records indie label thing on December 13, 1996 - Friday the 13th, of course - we’ve put out seven CD’s by six bands, as well as a butt-kicking-for-goodness compilation, Burner, as our first outing. Those albums running up the wallpaper on the left over there <- are our releases, which someday will handily link to CD Baby and IndepenDisc where the stuff is for sale. We keep forgetting to do that.

Three of ours, past and current, are doing shows this weekend and just beyond - so it’s a scattered, happy time. The Cucumbers are releasing their new CD, All Things To You, this Friday at Arlene Grocery. I haven’t heard it yet (it’s on Fictitious Records out of Nashville), but the songs I know, and they are lovely, and I’m looking forward to it very much. We put out Total Vegetility by the Cukes back in 1999.

Same Friday, a few hours later and down the way at Pianos, Marwood is up. This is their last show for a couple of months since Benji Rogers, the lead singer, heads off on Saturday for the West Bank, where he’ll spend six weeks or so seeing for himself just what goes on there, and why, and how. Our last Marwood release, the limited edition Radio Personalities, will be available on CD Baby soon, and there’s another EP upcoming: before the fall, if all goes well.

Then on Tuesday the inimitable Ethan Lipton does a full two-set extravaganza at Tonic; he’ll be there with a couple of permutations of The Ethan Lipton Orchestra (expect impeccable ukelele stylings as well as a trim jazz combo and a few solo a capella numbers). We’re recording this show for the next Ethan Lipton release - the last, A New Low, has been doing delightfully well, and just got a terrific review from Pop Matters. It’s like … you know what it’s like? If Charlie Chaplin had done songs, they’d be like this. Except with less falling down.

So it’s a Home Office splash this week, all over the East Village. C’mon out and join us.

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