School’s In for Summer

What with contretemps in the workplace and hilarity in general, combined with this hot’n'steamy summer apparatus clunking through town, there’s been no chance to unravel my head into blog-friendly bite-sized bits lately.

Which is a bummer, because I have lots to say.

The weekend featured a liberal dollop of music, of course (high points: Juliana Nash and Jennifer Marks); the requisite few DVD’s, for better, best, or worse; the first of the summer’s glorious boat trips aboard the Good Ship Ventura; and of course a regulation late-night romp with a few happy beers at Spuyten Duyvil (Jopen Koyt and Heartland Barleywine among them).

And there’s been PLENTY in the news, even for mostly non-political types. I’m trying to decide whether that lengthening shadow is the upcoming Memorial Day blockbuster The Day After Tomorrow, or the government falling … surely one of those two. Or maybe it’s another thunderstorm that will brew and bluster and touch down for a few scarce moments, which has been the routine so far around here.

It’s one of the ironies of Blogopolis that the busier we are, and the more we have to write about, and the itchier we are to write it, the harder it is to pin down time to actually do the writing. (I’m getting very handy at the intending-to part, though.) We started Pepper of the Earth in waning fall and weathered it over the winter; so coping with summer’s splash is going to be a learning process. Maybe it’s time to think of this blog as an e-spin on the old morning pages, which I’ve neglected for years now. Unfortunately, that would involve waking up in the morning, and I’ve never been very good at that.

Oddest on the personal horizon, though, is my upcoming 25th High School Reunion. I’ve never been to a reunion, and I’m a bit panicked. I can’t remember if I liked these people all that much at the time, and now 25 years later? Corblimey. This is why they invented alcohol.

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