The Great Unwatched

Here are the movies from this year’s 29th Annual 24-Hour Science Fiction Film Marathon about which I will not comment:

  • The Amazing Transparent Man, d. Edgar G. Ulmer, 1960 - a five-day speed-shoot quickie that lifts plot points from 1933′s The Invisible Man. In which a mad scientist injects a convict with his invisibility serum so that he can steal radioactive … stuff … and make … armies of invisible soldiers? To take over the world? Did I get that right? Begorra.

  • Mutiny in Outer Space, d. Hugo Grimaldi and Arthur C. Pierce, 1965. In which a deadly moon fungus from the lunar ice caves - ahem - lurks aboard the nearby space station and threatens the earth. The fungus looks like hair, on a bad hair day. I could swear they beat it by lowering the temperature in the space station to 0°, but maybe I missed something. Zounds!

  • Godzilla vs. Megaguirus, d. Masaaki Tezuka, 2000. In which Godzilla (again) meets Tokyo (again) and there is much stomping (again). There’s also something about bug-monsters that swarm all over the place, and an orbiting satellite shooting black holes (“baraka horu,” more or less), because the Japanese noticed over the course of the last 58 Godzilla pictures that regular ammunition won’t do damage here. Accidenti!

The reason I won’t be talking about these films is that I was dead asleep there in the third row of Theatre 1 (the Wheat Chex Room) while they were playing. I was more successful with the rest of the program. Words to come in the days to come.

There’s music to come too - our Ethan Lipton CD, A New Low, is posted up and live at last for sale at CD Baby! Fresh out of the CD oven! Nourishing and delicious! Check it out!

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