Play it Again, Samhain

Have I mentioned that October is my favorite month? October is my favorite month. We’re at the tail end of it, but still. The heat breaks, the leaves change, the cold, even when it goes a bit overboard like last weekend thank you very much, is still refreshing and novel. I don’t swing my best in the heat — Temperate Man, I — and so these tweener seasons always set me ringing, like a wine glass tinged in toasting.

The going-back-to-work thing has had catastrophic effects on my writing: those three months of immersion in the book, every word a string within reach, were truly precious. Now, after my half-week of phone calls and typing and checking and summarizing and saying “whatever” under my breath, the arc of it is hard to see behind the trees; is obscured by clouds. I’ve written almost nothing this month, and most of what I do get down gets lifted and put in the “What Was I Thinking” file for future browsing. When the cold hits for real, I suspect the only way to move forward will be to spend a long stretch, like all of January and February, at home at all times. Linus isn’t all that handy at being a dull boy, but it may be time to practice.

This morning I couldn’t find my “This is my Costume” t-shirt, which calls into question the practicality of owning an item of clothing meant to be worn once a year (actually I do use it at the gym now and then). Because this is the day, this is its moment to shine, this is destiny calling. And where the hell is it? Damfino. So the Dr. Evil shirt is going in your place, wherever you are. Just so you know.

I’ve ridden a float in the Village Halloween Parade for the last few years, but this time out Chuck isn’t doing his float; instead I’m meeting a friend who charmingly thinks we’ll be able to amble over at 8:00 or so to get a good view. I’m thinking it’s not going to go that way, but as long as I don’t tell her the odds (didn’t Captain Kirk say something like that once?) maybe she’ll do that Magic Thing and get us gliding. I’m not sure if this is a Date or not — there are indications on both sides, I imagine — but we like hanging out, so.

Tonight’s a frenzy for photographers. I’ve been shooting up a storm in general, and I’m thinking I’ll lay off the camera and take a breather. Because the funny thing about Halloween pictures? They really are wonderful, for the most part, but you also kind of know what you’re going to get, and then you get it, and it’s a lot of hassle along the way. Of course I’ll have the camera. I wonder if I’ll ever go to a parade again without a camera nearby in case I need it. But I plan to be vague and ungoaled and wandery, which is working against type.

2 Responses to “Play it Again, Samhain”

  1. Harvey Says:

    So… where DOES one get a “This is my Costume” t-shirt? :-)

  2. Linus Says:

    Why Harvey, it’s at that bastion of fashion - Target. Only cost me $5.00, too.

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