Pretty as a Picture

Pleased as Punch Dep’t: Just found out that I’ve been nominated by the Flicky People’s Awards on Flickr for my work with the camera. Best of all, my nomination is in the Excellence in Erotic Photography category for my, er, un/coverage of the New York burlesque scene.

I’m not going to win — I’m kind of hoping to get a single vote, at least, and there are really superb erotic shooters in my category so I shouldn’t win, they should — but I’m thrilled about it. I’m not kidding, either. Thrilled. THRILLED. Because it’s something truly new in my world. If you came up to me at any point in the entire rest of my life and said that someday people would be admiring my erotic photography, I’d have tagged you as an utter loony. “Erotic photography? You got the wrong guy.”

Parenthetically, so much for potential time travel experiences.

Time Traveler: No, dude, seriously, I’m absolutely not joking. Erotic photography. You’re aces. I’m a major fan of your New York Burlesque series. The way you visualize Miss Saturn is completely definitive.
Linus: Keep your hands where I can see them.

If you’re a Flickreen, you can vote for me here (or vote for someone better, I won’t mind). You may have to join the group first, I guess. I go by the handle Corporal Tunnel over there.

If you’re not on Flickr and have no idea what I’m talking about, that’s fine too. You can still look at the pictures, free and with no need of a password, registration, or vote. Click forward to my photo stream and you’ll find my NYC Burlesque set on the left and plenty of other stuff left and center.

Erotic photographer. Totally digging this. Now presumably I should go and shoot some actual nudes. Any volunteers? Not you, Harvey, sit down.

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