You Want Weather? We Got Weather!

In the best of all possible worlds, planning a trip abroad should involve having a look at the weather forecast from local sources, shouldn’t it? When it comes to Paris (France, not Hilton; abroad in one word) however, more is less…
M 1/24 snow snow mostly cloudy light snow
T 1/25 cloudy snow morning showers, windy morning snow
W 1/26 partly sunny partly sunny scattered clouds mostly sunny
T 1/27 snow rain and snow very cloudy very cloudy
F 1/28 cloudy rain rain and snow rain and snow
S 1/29 cloudy very cloudy
S 1/30 clouds and fog showers
M 1/31 cloudy mostly sunny
T 2/1 showers mostly sunny
W 2/2 fog, partly sunny very cloudy

Not very unanimous, is it?

2 Responses to “You Want Weather? We Got Weather!”

  1. Harvey Says:

    Generic Northern USA weather forecast:

    Cold. Might snow.

  2. chris Says:

    Well, I think yahoo is using the official Météo France. Anyway, a look (or several) out of the window tells me that it’s been rather nice, cold (around freezing point), and getting a little cloudier. That good enough for Paris/France?

    [Sigh, a CAPTCHA. I fail them once out of three times. If this comment doesn’t show up, that’s why.]

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