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Home Office Records came into being through a misunderstanding of the ad campaign for the New York State Lottery ("all it takes is a dollar and a dream") and through an abiding love of music mixed with a perhaps dangerous streak of idealism and a dash of faith in all good things. Appropriately enough, this website became navigable in its current form on Friday the 13th of December, 1996.

It's been a long, strange journey since then.

Back in the dark innocent December of 1996, we wrote the following:

HO is an artist-oriented label. We believe that music should be the purview of musicians: not lawyers, not marketers, not narrow-slice radio designers, not distant executives, and not Congress. For most of our lives we've been lovers rather than promoters of music, and we know that fans make the music fly rather than the other way around: a fan is much more than a wallet with MTV piped in. Here on web-ho.com we hope you'll find some new tunes to add to your collection, some useful information, and just enough attitude to get your finger on the Bookmark key. There--yes--go on--just do it!

We still believe all that; if anything, we're behind it now more than ever. We've had our dealings since then with tired radio people, and jaded bookers, and overwhelmed editors and reviewers, and retailers and attorneys and distributors and managers and head cases of every stripe, all of whom want a percentage of this or a slice of that. And we've also found a small core of people in the Industry who believe, honestly believe, that this business can be about talent and beauty and joy. These are the ones we try to work with, and the ones we count as our friends.

Home Office Records was founded by Home Officer Linus Gelber, with friends and compadres Pierre Jelenc (Webwright) and Seth Washinsky (Not So Silent Podner). Our products and related merchandise are sold through the Net, by mail, at gigs, via (someday) our nifty and purely conceptual HO rep network and, as of early 1999, in major retail outlets nationwide, frequently at scary prices. (Oddly enough, we don't have a lot of say in the retail price thing ... is that weird?) If you'd like to find out about being a HO rep (you help us get the music out there, we give you free toys and that warm happy family feeling), send us a note through the link below. For the rest, well, 'nuff said. If you've got any questions, ask away. </soapbox> Enjoy the site, and let us know what you think.

If you'd like to reach us in the ancient personal way, you can write us at: Home Office Records, c/o Linus Gelber, 173 Clinton Street, Brooklyn NY 11201, or call (718) 858-3174.

HO = Love + Money

Hey, you folks may be onto something. I'd like to get in on this. I understand that I won't get paid cash, but I want to spread good music around and I'm real fond of free T-shirts and stuff. Give me the fine print!

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