Los RAW Niños

RAW Niños, a Tex-Mex trio in salsa piccante style, is the newest group to grace our Internet Home Office home and office. This obscure threesome, captured above in mid-rendition of their excrescing hit "I Gave My Heart (to the Taco Belle)," met in misstep when the two Huevos brothers, Juan and Carlito, joined Renato Jalapeño at the rough-hewn counter of their favorite lime joint, a.s.o., in beautiful downtown Madrid, New Mexico. Over the course of a few limes-and-chasers, they discovered that all three of them had replied to the same personals ad posted on the bulletin board in Madrid's Mine Shaft Tavern, and they were all waiting for the same young woman. The elusive date was delayed by a freak automobile incident (ball lightning, tumbleweed), none of the three liked her in the end anyway, and by the time she finally showed up the three Niños had formed a fast friendship based in poetry, music and the love of fine limes.

A few requisite rehearsals followed, and presently they began playing weekends at a.s.o., where the selection of imported and domestic limes (served with Mexican beer, local tequila and an array of gourmet salts, and blended in that true connoisseur's concoction, lime con leche) proved a common bond uniting the three in tangy harmony. The two Huevos brothers, whose first musical outing as the duo Nuevos Huevos had garnered them a fair passel of fans, had just finished their first demo album, "Arroyo Rogers." One of the instrumentals from the rare "Arroyo" EP, the rousing jug tune "Huevos on Your Face," was picked up by a local CMJ college station, but was quickly dropped after the DJ's realized they had been playing the record at the wrong speed. The brothers' early attempts at vocals left them eager to integrate the earthy soprano growlings of Renato Jalapeño into their unique, sandpapery sound, and so RAW Niños was born.

From there it was just a hop, a skip and a bank heist to the open arms of the Lower East Side, where they holed up near Ludlow Street to perfect their instrumental skills and let the heat dwindle off. Their cross-country romp in a series of borrowed vehicles left Los Niños with a fund of real-life grist for their artistic mill, and this material is the basis of their first demo tape, recorded behind the boiler on a one-track pre-Dolby cassette player. It was this six-song pre-release that first brought the band's unusual raspy sensuality to the attention of the HO elves. Home Office Records plans to remix and reproduce this demo, with its haunting tunes like "Gotta Get Outta (This) Dodge," "Hot Cars," "Fun, Fun, Fun (Til Her Daddy Finds the T-Bird is Missing)" and the anthemic, youthful battle cry "Slow Down - Pay Toll - No Way," and make these tracks available side-by-side with RAW Niños' later work-in-progress, the uncompleted concept album "And the Lam Winds Down at Broadway" (cryptically subtitled "Downwind of Dolly").

We don't know much about Los Niños at this point, as we gird this page on the first day of April...and that's the way they like it. But Restez Tuned for plenty more on this gruff threesome, including first word on their planned follow-up album, "ZZ Bottom." We've heard the first cuts ("Cheeky Bugger" is a pick-hit here at HO, with their faux-Irish tune "The Air of Derry" close, er, behind)...and as with most Ninos experiences, remember that it only really hurts the first time. And while you're here anyway, check out the rest of the HO bands by following this link back to reality. And pass that lime. And put good salt on it.

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