Grace Notes

May I just say that Jack Grace sends some of the Best. Promotional. Emails. Ever. I love the notices from Dave’s True Story as well – and both Jack G. and Dave’s T.S. are exceptional New York City acts that deserve your attention – but overall, Jack ranks high indeed on the Whimsy-o-Meter™ in these parts.

From today’s, a brief mailing pitching a gig at CB’s Gallery:

It will be more fun than eating bad Chinese food, less fun than winning three million dollars, so figure some ballpark figure between those two scenarios. … If ya want off the list, just say so. I’ll do it, sometimes it takes a week cuz I’m a musician that would rather be playing my guitar, than doing some mundane data entry chores, but oh I’ll take ya off all right, I’ll take ya off but good.

If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing fun. Keep it in mind.

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