We’ll Always Have Paris

Poor Paris Hilton. Moral of story: Do not make a video of yourself having sex unless you are cool with people seeing it. Or at least keep your degausser nearby for swift application. “OK, that was fun, zzzzzzz-app!”

But I wonder. If you had a video of your lithe impulsive 19-year-old self in flagrante, and it found its way out into the world, would that necessarily be a bad thing? Embarrassing, yes. More information than, say, your parents might need, yes. (So is an average page on an average blog, though admittedly that’s different.) And yes, the world is certainly full of creepazoids who are bound to take it the wrong way. But overall. Gain? Loss? Titillating? Gross? Guilty secret pleasure, or mortification beyond measure? Twenty years down the road, would you be happy to peer back and see yourself in a youthful carnal frolic?

Just askin’. Presumably, of course, this has absolutely nothing to do with her new reality-TV series on Fox, “The Simple Life,” which kicks off Dec. 2nd. Because that would be wrong.

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