Lady of the Rings

Miss Saturn, Revolutionary, hosting Hulapalooza at Galapagos

There is something ineffable about Miss Saturn. Actress, comedienne, dancer, and clown, she hula-hoops her way through New York’s Burlesque Revival — Saturn, rings, got it, right? — always leaving a dash of titillating mayhem in her wake. Now, we’re talking about a quick, pretty, funny, clever girl who spends public time doing tricks with hula hoops in scanty, clingy outfits, so there’s a what’s-not-to-love element to consider: because what’s not to love? She’s got all that, and abs that bear some pondering. But the Mysteries of Saturn run deeper still.

The Wikipedia tells us that, according to the Roman poet and astrologer Manilius, Saturn is sad, morose and cold, and presides over the left leg. Apparently Manilius wasn’t much of a hand with a hula-hoop, but I guess he knew his left legs all right. I prefer Miss Saturn’s self-imposed tag: she signs her emails “Revolutionary.”

Tomorrow night I’m doing a reading of a new play, U Suck! by Mark Adamsbaum. It’s based on transcripts of the not-so-titillating mayhem that rolls out in on-line chat room forums, and judging from our rehearsal the other day it zips by in a frenzied, humorous flash. Blogger buddy Tony Hightower of Evil Twin Theory is also in the cast. If you find yourself in the East Village around New York’s best new venue, Rockwood Music Hall, come and join us.

U Suck! – by Mark Adamsbaum
“Funny, profane and venomous!”
Wednesday, April 13, 2005 – 7:00 p.m. – FREE!
Rockwood Music Hall, 196 Allen Street
(just south of East Houston & First Avenue)

Rockwood Music Hall usually has Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout at the bar, and on Wednesdays the bar also features Danielle (who, among other things, does my hair). Remind me to stay away from that bar part until we’re done with the reading.

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