I'll take some boogie with that ham.

The Susquehanna Industrial Tool & Die Co. is no stranger to these e-pages; we first mentioned them last May, and their usually-weekly Thursday musical stint in the back room at Otto’s Shrunken Head is a regular Pepper stop before the fine antic frolics of Starshine Burlesque a few blocks away. Ballads, Boogie and Blues as a prelude to Boobs and Beer — the 5 B’s. Ask me, that’s a nutritious breakfast. Or something.

The boys in Susquehanna Industrial Tool & Die Co. — Sit & Die to their friends — let loose weekly with a PhotoShop burst to advertise their shows. They’re all different, they’re all retro-chic, and they’re all fun, and this week the flyer was too good to keep on the mailspool. So here’s a hunk of Thursday ham for the state of your very own Union.

Sit & Die goes on at 8 p.m. most Thursdays for two sets. Admission is free, the tip basket is appreciated, and my favorite Otto’s beverage is the Mango Piña Colada, a shocking yolk-c0lored concoction which comes with an umbrella, a sparkly straw, and plastic mermaids (they’ve run out of the plastic monkeys, oh well). If you stray, be wary of that bowl drink that they set on fire. It does damage. Yes it does.

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