If You’d Like to Make a Call, Please Hang Up and Try Again

Grrrrr. The phones went down in lower Pepper Central on Thursday night, and they are still not repaired — there are Service Interrupti0n signs up on all the mailboxes and every third tree in the neighborhood, and not a dial tone to be found. Once the phone company figures out which cable they cut and which PBX center they whoopsed, I’ll be back in posting business. Meanwhile, let it be known: life without Net access is hell. A guy can’t even go to the movies in peace.

I knew I was tempting the gods when I said in my last post that I’d continue it the next day.

Roadtohella, Goddess of Good Intentions: Oh look, Linus is going to continue his post tomorrow.
Connectivus, God of Modems: Whoops, dropped my lightning bolt.

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