A Touch of Classmates

The Scary High School Reunion, to which we add the Curious High School Centennial celebration, has come and gone, and it was odd and wonderful fun. This is the Cliff Notes short version; the saga won’t come out without judicious therapy. I’ll note in passing that in these performances of My Life as a Cog, the roles of therapist and couch will be played by tony Belgian beer.

  • My First Great Love (cue violins) has, since I saw her last, left her husband, married someone new, and had a baby girl. The new husband is apparently rather like me, except for the not-actually-being-me part. For those of you watching at home, FGL(cv) and I were never actually an item. She was formative in many ways.
  • My first girlfriend Janine was not there, which is too bad – I’d love to see her again. I’m told she’s living with a balloonist. I didn’t make that up.
  • Everyone was gracious when it turned out that I’m the class Straight Guy Who Never Got Married. Others were probably unsure, but followed the don’t-ask-don’t-tell protocol.
  • The class Straight Girl Who Never Got Married turns out to be bright and adorable. Hmmm.
  • I’m nowhere near either the front or the back of the “where’s-my-hair” line.
  • My friend Brian had to leave early on Sunday because he had a volunteer job as a seat-filler at the Tony Awards. Now that’s a deal; I had no idea there was such a thing. Empty seats look bad on TV, so people like Brian zip around and sit in them for no-shows and latecomers. That rocks.
  • An old friend announced that I had told her, back in 1977 or 1978, that we’d be bad dating partners but we’d probably get married one day. Who knew that we’d live long enough for that to come back around? Note to Republicans: it’s not going to work for Social Security, either.
  • My First Great Love (cue violins) looks as much like she did back then as one can, given passing time. This didn’t help any.
  • Apparently, some people have sold their souls to the devil.
  • Every five or ten years I run into Michelle, and she reminds me that she actually didn’t hate me during high school. So where did I get that idea? She never throws anything at me, so maybe she’s right.
  • Neither of the girls who remain frozen in the amber of my memory as being luminously and spectacularly beautiful came to the reunion. First Great Love (cue violins) tells me that one of them was from Lithuania. And here I thought she was from Staten Island…

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