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Today is Poem in Your Pocket Day in New York, which is probably the best-intentioned bit of goofery the city has come up with yet. If I had less to do around the house I’d head out to the Museum of Modern Art, which lets you in today for the price of a poem.

In the spirit of, then, we offer you two Poems on the Blog.

All of the Above

These things start in dice cups
Roll out onto baize
And sooner or later
Pull the stars around
In rings and rings and rings.

The phone has been silent
Since you turned the corner,
Has been present since you went away.
The fond heart at the window
Watching night sky.

                              Linus Gelber – 4/21/2003

Just Add Water


     1 mountain (large)
     1 ocean (immense)
     2 lovers (uncertain)

Combine elements in prepared basin.
Mix until smooth.
Season to taste.

When the mountain refluxes
And only sand remains
Remove lovers.

Serving size: 2

                              Linus Gelber – 11/18/2002

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