Let’s All Get Naked

After a few referrals and mentions here and there about Myspace, which looks to be yet another one of those friend network things, I signed up to check it out. I’m a virgin when it comes to Friendster and Orkut and Dogster and PonziScheme.com so forth. This hadn’t previously socially deterred me in any way, but after meeting the e-connected Jess of Blind Cavefish for a couple of beers last night, I was suddenly afflicted with washes of Network Envy.

So I set up an account and figured I’d poke around in there later when I have more time – like when Nuclear Winter hits, maybe. I get a “gotcha” email from Myspace.com asking me to confirm that I’ve registered. Fair enough. I click the link and get sent to a page that says this:

The Function that you are currently trying to use is disabled and will be back shortly.

We are making some minor changes to this section please bare with us until we can get this back online.

Bare with ‘em, eh? Maybe this will be more fun than I thought.

Dogster, by the way, is a cute joke that went so far so fast that they’ve taken the site offline while they prep to deal with the incoming waves of traffic. Just, er, yeah, just like here at Pepper of the Earth! Why there’s so many of you that, um, we have entire nations doing nothing but, um, reading our referrer logs. Yeah! That’s right! No foolin’!

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