It’s a Man’s Word

Jess is suffering the slings and arrows of outrageous breaking-up on her public gibbet at Blind Cavefish, where her Blogger configurations don’t allow links to individual entries. She’s been working her way attentively through the six seven stages of breaking up, as identified by feel-good diet doc Stephen P. Gullo in his book Loveshock: How to Recover from a Broken Heart & Love Again, a treatise that I personally have not read. Though I’ve been there, of course, and plenteously.

Amazon’s page for Loveshock gloriously suggests that if you like this title, you may also be interested in File-Rescue Plus: Recover Deleted Files software.

The six seven stages, as per good Ph.D. Gullo, are 1. shock, 2. grief, 3. blame/ anger, 4. resignation, 5. rebuilding, and 6. resolution, to which we will add 7. blogging. Kübler-Ross? Who’s that? Doesn’t she make cookies?

Today Jess laments that guy friends call her “dude,” which fails to address her proper Girl-Nature. This is an interesting problem, since the true opposite-gender equal term for “dude” is clearly “babe.” These days, that either gets you smacked or earns raised eyebrows, depending on what genre of women you hang out with. (Guy is to Doll as Dude is to ______________, and I rest my case.)

My dictionary – Webster’s Deluxe Unabridged, Second Edition, 1979 – gives “dude” only as a man’s word, and has no listing for female alternatives. The two correct (air quotes) possibilities, “dudine” and the less-favored “dudess,” are not listed at all.

I favor “dude” as a sexless term, though, like “Sir” in Star Trek. Dude-itude is a state of mind and has nothing to do with sexual characteristics. Of course there’s only one true capital-letter Dude, and that is Jeff “Bridges” Lebowski in The Big Lebowski. But you knew that.

Home sick today, with a throat that feels like one of those cheap white athletic socks they sell at the discount stores. Little by little my collection of Yogi Tea Company products is soothing it back into flesh. In the meantime, it’s amazing how much a body can sleep.

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