Ethan’s Last Stand

… make that Ethan Lipton‘s last “Calls the Shots” showcase at Low. Ariana, the booker at Low, is moving onward and who knows what the new flavor of the space will be; Ethan is having his last taste tonight, with molto guests including James Urbaniak and Nina Hellman with Sporadica, Gabriella Barnstone of Uber Dance Theater, Elizabeth Ziff from the band Betty and the Off-Broadway hit Betty Rules, Joseph P. Silovsky’s Miniature theater, and of course, Ethan his very own self, with Mike Stumm on ukelele (special appearance by Gary Wilmes), and Eben Levy and Dan Freeman on more pedestrian instruments. It’s a whole variety show.

Low has been a great place, and I hope it stays fun. Meantime, you should join us tonight for the party. Starts around 9:00 p.m., and admission is free. Drinks are good. Clocks are big, machines are heavy. Pinkerton does not return. A frog is dissected.

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