The Crime of the Scene

Rehearsal yesterday sucked, and I sucked mightily along with it. This is OK – the sucky rehearsal the week before the play opens is not only inevitable, it’s healthy. But I’m not used to purveying the suckage. I guess everyone gets a turn sooner or later, and last night I was top of the list.

Q: Can someone please explain to me why links to the real estate page?
A: Because it’s 2003.
Q: Oh of course. Silly me. What was I thinking.

My mind was elsewhere, in happier pastures, which was part of the problem. Last night at Low in DUMBO (the neighborhood, not the elephant), when I fled my suck-o-tash, there was a charming show by Ethan Lipton with his Variable Orchestra (last night he had ukelele and toy piano in the first set, and electric guitar and bass for the second; tranny rocker Lisa Jackson, whose web site is unaccountably Made in Japan and wants language packets installed, queened through a soaring acoustic entr’acte, in customary English, that was as sweetly voiced as it was generally odd).

When the festivities were over we sat with Ethan and cameragirl Heather and signed our new recording contract, which is something I’ve been looking forward to for months. Much more on the subject in days to come, but in the meantime Ethan’s web site is newly born and is, like Ethan, quietly and uniquely just so.

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