Oh de Toilette


When it comes to overheard riffs, I could never come up with half of this stuff on my own. It’s kind of a proof of truth.

While tanking up on coffee over lunchtime today, though, I heard this. This one I could have made up, and if it hadn’t happened by itself I almost certainly would have one day. So call this a bonus point: the universe is keeping me honest. Or, if you prefer, God is listening, and she’s got a wicked sense of humor. And she wants me to behave while she writes the straight lines.

Thoughtful Speaker: I went to Cold Stone Creamery this weekend. I love that place. It’s awesome.
Not Really Listening: I love that place too.
Thoughtful Speaker: They just opened near me. I couldn’t decide what to get.
Not Really Listening: I never can either.
Thoughtful Speaker: I finally just got apple pie à la commode.
Not Really Listening: That’s great stuff.

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