Taking Steps


Sometimes getting from here to there takes an absurd amount of effort. Sometimes I get a bit tired of it. Sometimes I think we should spend less time on climbing over each other, and more time finding the elevator.

And may I just say that a society that goes out of its way to make exercise machines that are actually staircases that don’t go anywhere is probably a society that needs to spend a little Quiet Time. When I was a kid at school in the middle of the day we unrolled the mats and got little boxes of juice and then we said “Shhhh” a lot and some of us actually napped? Like that.

Future archaeologists are going to have a good laugh over us some day.

Digger: It’s another Stairmaster, Stan.
Pit Boss: Another one? Hey, Lem, it’s in good shape, too. Still plugged in.
Digger: They didn’t have a very enlightened sense of irony, did they?
Pit Boss: Not much. But they did elect George Bush, don’t forget that.
Digger: Yep. That was pretty funny all right.
Pit Boss: Or something.

And that’s not even counting Tom Cruise. Now he’s going to be hard to explain, down the line. Ah, don’t mind me, I’m just thinking in circles and circles today.

Happy Bastille Day! Off with their heads!

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