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As the rest of the world collapsed in its nerveless tax-day heap, Our Favorite Blogger Jess turned 30 and celebrated in the distinctly non-taxy Grassroots Tavern — Home, we are told, of the Hot Bouncer. Jess is handling the new decade well: she only agonizes on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. The pictures are a bit late, but here are some of them.

For my part, I went the Kobayashi Maru way to turning 30, by which I mean that when the birthday came knocking I was not at home to receive it. I rolled over into the new decade midway through a rafting trip on the Sun Kosi (River of Gold) in Nepal, and the trappings of the occasional digit were far enough away to seem irrelevant. It was long ago, in a galaxy far away.

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