Abroad in Blogville

The blogosphere, or the blogularity, or the blogiverse, or the blog-what-have-you, is a big place. It has some pretty tricky corners. Some of it pisses me off, some of it makes me shake my head and roll my eyes, and some of it makes me sit right up and notice. For instance, I never expected to see these words in this order in one place:

Gotta start stripping this week which, for some strange reason, I’m actually looking forward to. It’s been so many years since I’ve done the pole thing. Should be an interesting experience since I’m much older and much wiser now. I’ll be keeping up to date on that. Living for my demonic kittens, Cthulhu and Diamanda, enjoying my alone time immensely, and getting back to my magick in a big way.

Cthulhu and Diamanda! I love it. “Ia,” I say, “Ia!”

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