The Past is So Loud You Gotta Wear Shades

Pierre spends a lot more time on Usenet than I do — I used to go rafting there, but when the spam got ridiculous I paddled to shore and rarely go back in more than ankle deep.

Since we both got digital cameras last week, Pierre has been keeping up with the e-Joneses in their newsgroups. Today he sends along this gem from

A wag by the handle of Cynicor posts,

After we got some snow here earlier this week, I realized that my eyes have slightly different white balance. My left eye tends to see things with a slightly yellowish cast compared with my right eye, which tends to be a bit bluer. Have others noticed slight differences like this, or do I have a serious medical condition that requires immediate assistance? (I haven’t been able to find my manual white balance menu setting yet.)

A concerned reader wonders if it might be a cataract problem, and Cynicor zips back:

God, I hope not. I’m not even 40. Although I did look at a lot of loud rock music in my youth.

Zing! Post of the day.

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