You’re So Vane

Winter is icumen in at last, come commala, and here in the Big Yapple we face it with our customary ebullience. By which I mean we complain a lot. When you’ve slogged through Ed Koch and Squeaky Giuliani in one lifetime, you’ll have whining rights too. Until then we’ve got the head of the line, and near as I can tell Chicago is right behind us on general principle.

Harvey of Bad Example is one of our most stalwart Pepper readers, and as a denizen of the cold heart of America (Wisconsin) he understands the freeze — though the weather gnomes at Yahoo intimate that New York City is colder right now than much of the Cheese State.

Harvey is using the weather as a vane for style, inviting his readership to one-up his real world customers and say something, anything, other than “Boy, it’s cold outside.” Winter isn’t the problem season for this sort of thing in these parts; ours comes in the dog days, when “It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity” is bound to make a certain sort of person (cephalate) snap. I feel his pain.

Sure is cold outside, though.

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