Another Happy Hint from the Front

Tip #41: Where possible, do not buy a drink for your friend Renee at the Rooftop Bar in the Hotel Gansevoort, even if it is her birthday celebration. If she really wanted a drink, she wouldn’t be in a place where one (1) insouciantly lame vodka tonic and one (1) glass of champagne run twenty-nine dollars ($29) on your credit card. Remember that bellowing “How much???” in mixed company is generally frowned upon.

Tip #41(a): While kicking yourself later about the twenty-nine-clam beverages, you might as well leave a great big tip for the bartender at d.b.a. — it’s a much better value, and as you reckon at the time, the piggy bank is already broken for the night. This balances your cash karma a bit. Besides, she’s wearing the leather pants with the lace-up front.

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